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Bio: Colorful Contra Angle Handpiece
Compressed air is used to drive handpiece to rotate and clamp the dental low-speed bur for drilling, grinding and cutting treatment. Low-speed handpieces are divided into straight machines and curved machines. The straight handpiece are used for polishing and are treated outside the mouth, while colorful contra angle handpiece are treated inside the mouth. Colorful contra angle handpiece have lock type and push button type can be chosen. Closed type cartridge, more safe in treatment.
Product Information
CategoryColorful Contra Angle Handpiece
Rotation Speed20,000~30,000r.p.m.
Working Air Pressure0.300mpa~0.345mpa
Bur Applicable2.335~2.355mm
Connection4 holes or 2 holes available
Delivery TimeWith in 3working day after payment
Warranty Period1 year
Rotation speed at 0.25Mpa (2.5kgf/cm2)22,000min-鹿(rpm)
Rotation speed at 0.3Mpa (3.0kgf/cm2)25,000min-鹿(rpm)
Rotation speed at 0.4Mpa (4.0kgf/cm2)27,000min-鹿(rpm)
Air Consumption at 0.25MPa(2.5kgf/cm2)42NL/min
*Speed may vary slightly depending on the back-end configuration, the direction of rotation, and type of hose used.
Cleaning and Sterilization
The are autoclavable. Autoclave sterilization required first time you use and after each patient as noted below.
Autoclaving Procedure:
鈶?Wipe off dirt with alcohol-soaked cloth.
鈶?Lubricate with SPRAY.(Ref.7.Lubrication)
鈶?Place into autoclaving pouch and seal it in accordance with instructions on the pouch
鈶?Autoclavable up to max. 135鈩?
鈶?Autoclave for 20 min. at 121鈩?or 15 min. at 132鈩?
鈶?Keep the handpiece in the autoclave pouch to keep it clean until you use it.
Packing size:113mm*70mm*25mmDental Handpiece