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Our Factory
Foshan Comfort Furniture Co., Ltd is located in LongJiang Town Shunde which name with Center of Furniture in China. The factory is about 13, 000m鲁. We are professional on manufacturing mattress and pocket spring. Founder has more than 20 years鈥?experience on producing and selling mattress. We keeping on update the manufacture machine since we start to produce mattress, which help us to make better products and meet our customer鈥瞫 need. Our main markets are Occident, Mideast and Southeast Asia etc., Our products and service gain acceptance from our customers all over the world, and believe we are a good mattress manufacturer with good export service.
Professional equipment, cooperation team, highly effective management mode, and rigorous working attitude, we always keep at integrating all resources of products, and do our best to offer best products to our customers.
Our Product
鈼?Pocket spring mattress鈼?nbsp;Bonnell spring mattress鈼?nbsp;Latex mattress
鈼?nbsp;Memory foam mattress鈼?nbsp;Foam mattress鈼?nbsp;Hotel mattress
鈼?nbsp;Coconut mattress鈼?3D mattress鈼?nbsp;Pocket spring series
Product Application
Hotel, Household furniture, Apartment, School.Euro Top Pocket Spring Mattress manufacturers